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Here we stand, an organization looking to make a difference in the life of Christian followers by bringing them reinforcement in their religion. JLU Clothing is the shop for you that brings clothing connected to your religion. Being one of the first of its types, we are in the endeavor to bring you nothing but the best.

With a cause much nobler than simply making a profit, we give you much and more for all your clothing needs. So, come and explore our shop to find the very best and spiritually peaceful clothing for yourself.

Walk By Faith

No matter who we are, life is rarely easy. It can be fun, exciting, and interesting, but most of the times it is challenging. Even though life does not come with an instructions’ manual we do have a superpower to help us in all the difficult moments. Our superpower is hope. Together with faith, hope shows us where we should be and how we can get there.

And that hope is always embedded in faith. That is why we urge all the Christians to walk by faith and trust God to deliver for them. Our merchandise helps all believers have faith in their religion and make a difference in the world.


Life is never about being relaxed and enjoying the pleasures it presents you. It is always about facing challenges one after another. But what your religion teaches you is to be fearless in the face of adversity and having conviction in the love of Jesus. Our fearless collection presents spiritually inspired designs to keep you believing in the power of God and face every calamity that comes your way.

The Impact We Aim to Achieve

As a part of our impact we hope to create an effectual impact in the ministry of the gospel; to be  a blessing to God’s people and to the Kingdom across generations.  Our mission, as believers in Christ is to assist in the spreading of the gospel, to deliver the good news; the undeniable message of love and hope in Christ Jesus in a whole new way.

The philosophy behind creating clothing line to cement your religious beliefs is to ensure that we bring together the followers of this great religion. Together, we can not only help each and every one among us but also guide those that join our religion.

If we can bring together the entire Christian community and start being grateful for everything we have, we believe we can stand against any consequences that may be posed to our community. That is what we hope to achieve with our brand.


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