About Us

What We Do?

Every day of our lives we go through our lives taking things for granted. And while we agree it is very easy to lose track of what God has granted us it is not an ideal course of action. As a part of our journey to always remember the Creator in whatever we do and however successful we become, we stand to spread this message to any and all Christians around.

That is what we do. However, while we are the instruments of God we need our own avenues to reach out to his creation. And our avenue is our clothing that perpetuates the message of God and Jesus. Every design that we create is divinely inspired by the unconditional, unfailing love of Jesus Christ.

Who Are We?

It takes nothing but a small group of people to inspire a change. That is what we believed when our founders Crispin Matthew and Julaine Hendrickson thought about the inception of a clothing brand. Their vision was not just about bringing Christians close to God and Jesus Christ. It was also about helping this rapidly growing religion take root and grow aware of the love of God.

Wearing our apparel brings more and more people together to celebrate the love of God that created us. So, be it our brothers recovering from a disease or our brothers that need to know more about their religions, we stand to unite and symbolize against any issues that our brothers and sisters around the world feel.

We are the carriers to this philosophy and we have established it as a brand called jlu clothing. We now provide several different types of clothing with all the messages from God to help this religion growing.

What We Aim to Do

As a part of our impact we hope to create an effectual impact in the ministry of the gospel; to be  a blessing to God’s people and to the Kingdom across generations.  Our mission, as believers in Christ is to assist in the spreading of the gospel, to deliver the good news; the undeniable message of love and hope in Christ Jesus in a whole new way.

If we can bring together the entire Christian community and start being grateful for everything we have, we believe we can stand against any consequences that may be posed to our community. That is what we hope to achieve with our brand.

And we believe that our effort to make an impact, through whatever avenue possible, it is our effort to create an impact. And each life we impact brings us joy. It is about that joy for us and not about the revenue that we generate for our business.


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